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Love and Death: Bitten - by PlayFirst

Love and Death: Bitten
Damon, a dark, handsome vampire cursed by an evil vampire queen, meets Victoria, a curious, young woman determined to save her village. Victoria finds herself falling for Damon's charms and Damon is intrigued by Victoria's fiery disposition, but just as they grow closer the evil vampire queen returns. In this romantic hidden object adventure, you'll play as Victoria by day and Damon by night, solving unique puzzles and collecting hidden objects. Will Damon and Victoria's story end in love...or death?
Price: $10.99 Download Free Trial

Love and Death: Bitten Love and Death: Bitten Love and Death: Bitten Love and Death: Bitten

System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Memory: 128 MB DirectX: 9.0 CPU: 1.2 Ghz Video: 1024x768 minimum screen resolution
Download size: 176.54 MB

Microsoft DirectX is available here free.
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